Promote yourself or your business more effectively with a Preview™

A quantum leap forward in the tools you need to standout from the crowd


Easily create your own bespoke content

Utilise our bespoke online builder to quickly create different Previews, tailored to different jobs and audience types.

  • Create the right content, for the right opportunity
  • Record, edit & share professional video content
  • Complete access to easy-to-use tools
  • Learn & improve with real-time performance insights
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Why settle for just a CV & Cover Letter?

Better Introductions

Previews package up your video, documents and application content into a trackable link you can share for any opportunity, anywhere at anytime.

Professional Content

Our video creation and editing tools make it easy to make better quality content and stand out from the crowd, every time.

Real-time Analytics

Learn how your Previews are performing, what video content is engaging and most importantly, know when your application has been viewed.

Reuseable Assets

Save time by re-using your videos and information across multiple Previews. Share via email, social channels, job portals or even SMS.


Make faster, more informed hiring decisions

Get a better feel for applicants earlier in the recruitment process by assessing characteristics that go beyond what can be captured on paper.

  • Promote your business, services or job vacancies
  • Share quickly via job portals, email or social media
  • Invite applicants to submit Previews for opportunities
  • Remove the guesswork and introduce video easily into your recruitment processes
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Evolve your recruitment process

Speed & Quality

Receive more contextualised job applications and get a feel for an applicant’s attitude and aptitude earlier in the process with Previews.

First Impressions

Remove the guesswork when assessing applicants. Get a feel for an applicant’s soft skills and fit with video content.


Request Previews from applicants in a simple and structured way. Use Invitations to compliment your existing recruitment flow (no integration necessary) or run it alone.


Non-technical? No problem. Easily review and share applicant Previews with team members so everyone can contribute to the assessment process and save time.

Customer testimonials

Don't just take our word for it

"What we like best about PreviewMe is the ability to ‘Preview’ a candidate in a video – with PreviewMe a video is now worth a thousand words."
Ed Lim, Partner
Hudson Gavin Martin, Lawyers
“PreviewMe made the process of applying for a new job much easier. I really enjoyed using their tools. I believe all job seekers would benefit from creating a Preview”
Graduate Analyst
“We found PreviewMe an extremely effective, fun and engaging method for screening a large number of applications”.
Pete Stuart
Lynx Recruitment

First impressions count
How will you create yours?

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